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Characteristics permitted and limiting provisions shall be:

Honeycomb & White Specks - firm, not limited

Knots - 75% of cross section

Holes (any cause) - Size of a hole not to exceed 75% of cross-section. The through portion shall not exceed 2’ in length.

Unsound Wood - 75% of cross-section. Not limited in length.

Wane - 3/4 width, full length of piece. If through the edge, equivalent to the area of the hole permitted. Through portion not to exceed 2’ in length. If across the face, 1/2 the width must not exceed ¼” scant in thickness for 1/3 length or, as equivalent longer.




Skips - ¼” scant in thickness and/or width. Not limited in length.

Shake - not limited.

Splits - 1/3 length.

Waste - pieces 9’ and longer in length may contain waste (areas where characteristics are larger than those permitted in the grade) which require removal by cross-cutting. The waste portions combined shall not exceed 25% of the length of the piece and must not be located within 2’ of either end of the piece.

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