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For the second time in three years, SPF Precut Lumber was recognized by the HSBC International Business Awards, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This year, SPF Precut Lumber was recognized in the “Leadership in International Trade: Asia-Pacific” category for differentiating itself in a commodity business through its innovative inventory-and-logistics model and customer education programs. The finalists represented a wide range of industries across Canada. The awards gained national media coverage in The National Post, HSBC Global Connections, and other media publications.

The HSBC International Business Awards celebrates the best of Canadian companies doing business internationally. The program recognizes both publicly-traded and private companies doing business in the fast-growing regions of Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Companies were selected by a panel of expert judges based on their overall achievements in global growth and the merits of their international business strategies.

Canadian artist Raymond Biesinger created unique and specific illustrations to tell the visual story of each finalist company. Of SPF Precut Lumber, Biesinger explains, “SPF Precut Lumber has been visualized as a saw blade representing precision, fabrication, and speed. Within the blade are symbols depicting the company’s core competencies.”

The awards were held on November 7, 2013 at The Carlu, the world famous special events venue in Toronto, Canada, designated as a National Historic Site.

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