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As a market leader of Canadian lumber exports, SPF Precut Lumber has a vested interest in environmental sustainability and the renewability of natural resources throughout Canada.
Global markets have also shown increasingly keen intent to consume wood-based products from sustainably-managed forests, as part of their own commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

It is this interest in stakeholders throughout the supply chain that has inspired SPF Precut Lumber
to be certified in compliance with the PEFC ST 2002:2020: Chain of Custody of Forest and Tree Based Products in order to better promote environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and progressive forestry management throughout the Canadian lumber industry.

The PEFC Chain of Custody (COC) is a process for tracking forest products from their place of origin through all stages of transfer and production to the final consumer as an end product.

The PEFC standard provides a mechanism to track wood from certified forests and from uncertified and/or recycled sources. If the place of origin is certified then a chain of custody can provide an assurance that wood and wood-based products originate from sustainably managed forests.  The PEFC standard also provides an assurance that any uncertified wood is not from controversial sources.

Chain of custody:

  • Tracks wood flows at any stage of production – through harvesting, transporting,
    handling or processing – from the forest through to the final customer;
  • Has minimum management system requirements including documentation;
  • Identifies the origin of certified content through appropriate documentation;
  • Has the ability to track certified content, uncertified content and recycled
    content in the fibre supply;
  • Requires risk assessment for uncertified content to avoid wood from
    controversial sources; and
  • Requires independent third-party audits by an accredited certification body.
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